Monday, October 8, 2007

POV is gone.

So I won the second and last POV challenge. But pretty much by default. I was the only one to make it past the blocking stage. Because of lack of participation and the amount of work involved Oliver has decided to close down POV for good. It is very frustrating that as an animation community we let such a resource die. In two months the whole contest got 4 unfinished entry's. While 11 second club gets 65. I just don't get it.

So I finished up the piece I entered with. Here it is. It doesn't deserve the win but I am still pretty proud of the piece.


My final piece for the final POV Challenge :( from Greg Marlow on Vimeo.

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About Brad said...

word brother- this is really good!!!congrats - I think you did a really awesome job- theres a couple of poses in there that kinda read weird but very funny none the less, and he's thinking!!! :D good work!!You should now go for 11 second club.

my take on the whole pov i thing is that it would have definitely worked had the 11 second club not got started at the same time. They had built in so much momentum from the 10 second club, people are going to flock to whats familiar . it is unfortunate though.

I told the guys here and all I got was "Im really too busy." That said I wonder how many people who have jobs in animation compete on those forums?