Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some New News

The below post was from the site I designed roughly a year ago before I went to Siggraph 06. So how do you catch up to date on a whole year of missed news?

Went to Siggraph, gave out 50 demo reels and never got a call back, was told I needed more Ogres killing each other in my reel. I had several relatives die, including my uncle Walter, two cousins Natasha and Cody, and my last remaining grand parent Mae Carr. My wife and I were in a terrible car wreck in which I broke one knee and had a large gash on the other. I was in a wheel chair for over 8 weeks. My wife had internal injuries and was hospitalized for 60 days. She is better now though :D I was promoted to Senior Artist at work ( I started a new School 5 days ago. It is an online school called Animation Mentor ( My teacher is Elliott Roberts. He worked on Ratatouille, Robots, and Pirates of the Caribbean. More to come on AM in the future.

So yeah. Thats the last 12 months of my life. The whole thing seemed to start with me going to Siggraph...So I'm skipping it this year.


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